At Stratagem Technical Services we provide the very best technology and services to our customers.  In a careful comparison of leading Internet based telephone service providers, we feel Vonage is the best choice.

We are so confident in the Vonage technology, that we provide a special offer when you order this service and set-up through us.  When you do so, you receive two months of service for Free!  One month from Vonage and an additional month of service from us!  Contact us for offer details.

The information shown below is provided by Vonage to help you better understand the features and benefits of using Vonage phone service.  It is subject to Vonage copyright and terms of use policies.

What's Vonage?
Vonage is an all-inclusive phone service that can replace your current phone company. Vonage gives you local and long distance calling anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada for one low price. We can do this because we use your existing high-speed Internet connection (also known as broadband) instead of standard phone lines. You'll save money and get great features like Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting and Voicemail Plus included at no additional cost.

Why is Vonage better?
Vonage gives you great phone service and more:
  • Low monthly fees
  • More features for free
  • No annual contracts
  • Higher quality calls than landline in many cases
  • In-Network calls are always free
  • Low international rates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
How does Vonage work?
With Vonage, you connect your telephone to your high-speed Internet connection using the Vonage phone adapter that we send you. Pick up the phone, and use it just like you do today.

When you pick up the phone, the Vonage phone adapter converts your voice into data and sends it through the Internet like an email. Our network sends the call where you want it and translates it back into voice. When the person you're calling picks up the phone, it sounds just the same as any other call. When someone calls you, they dial your number, your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it. The only difference is lower phone bills. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start saving today.

What do I need to use Vonage?
In order to use Vonage service, you will need the following:

  • A Broadband Ethernet connection such as Cable or DSL
  • A credit/debit card with a US billing and shipping address
  • A Vonage Phone Adapter that is provided free, upon sign up through Vonage
  • Any touch-tone phone, corded or cordless

What's VoIP?
VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great new way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. Vonage converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet connection just like email. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Your callers will never know that it's any different since it sounds just like a regular phone call.

What can Vonage VoIP do for you?
The big advantage with Vonage is that you can call anywhere, anytime for less money. Using your Internet connection instead of your phone line is less-expensive. You'll also get more features included, like Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID with Name, Voicemail Plus, 3-Way Calling, and More! We have great international rates too, so you can call anywhere in the world for less.

Does it work the same as my regular phone service?
Once you're connected, pick up your phone and use it just like you do today. The person you're calling doesn't need to have Vonage or an Internet connection on their side. They just need a phone. And your phone rings when someone calls you as it always did. You use your same touch-tone phone. You're just connecting it to Vonage instead of your old phone company. Also, using Vonage doesn't affect your computer usage. Continue to surf the web or send and receive email with no problem!

What's Broadband?
Broadband is high-speed Internet access such as through a Cable or DSL modem. It gives you a continuous connection to the Internet at speeds much faster than dial-up. You need a broadband connection to use Vonage because we insist on consistent high quality audio for all your calls. As a general rule, if you're getting speeds of 90 Kbps or better, you probably have a broadband connection.

How can I check my Internet connection?
Have an Internet connection and you're not sure how fast it is? Click here to check both your upload and download speeds for free. Or you can check your connection rates with your local Internet Provider.

About Ethernet
Ethernet is the most common type of network, mainly because it's quick and relatively inexpensive. It is a wired network that relies on cables to connect all of the equipment in the network. Because all of the equipment is connected via cables, Ethernet is the fastest and most stable of the home networking options. Due to the speed and stability, Vonage requires this type of connection. An Ethernet connection looks like a wider version of a phone cable.

About Cable Internet
Cable Internet uses a Cable modem and connects through your existing Cable TV line. Typically your local Cable TV company would provide your Cable Internet service. This service does not interfere with your TV connection. This Cable modem lets your computer and any other equipment connect to the Internet faster than a dial-up modem. A typical Cable Internet connection might have 128 Kbps of upload and 1.5 Mbps of download speeds. Your speeds can vary depending on what your Cable provider offers, and how many other people in your area are using the same service.

About DSL Internet
DSL Internet uses a DSL modem and connects through your standard phone line at speeds much faster than dial-up. Typically your local phone company would provide your DSL Internet connection. A DSL connection does not interfere with your telephone conversations as dial-up does and does not generally require any additional wiring. A typical DSL Internet connection might have 128 Kbps of upload and 1.5 Mbps of download speeds. Your speeds will be higher or lower depending on how close you are to the Internet Provider's office.


VonageŽ is a revolutionary phone service that uses your broadband Internet connection to relay your voice over the Internet using a regular phone and an adapter. This is a technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

With the Vonage Premium Unlimited Plan you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the United States and Canada for the low price of $24.99 per month.  While the Basic 500 Plan provides 500 Anytime Minutes for $14.99 per month.

Order this service and set-up through us and you receive two months of service for Free!  One month from Vonage and an additional month of service from us!  Contact us for offer details.