Shuttle XPC SP35P2 V2 (Color: Black Aluminum)
The new Shuttle SP35P2 V2 features the new Intel® P35 Chipset supporting the latest Intel® multi-core processors up to 1333MHz and the upcoming Intel® 45nm processors. Users are able to take advantage
of the higher memory performance with less power consumption to run even the most memory intensive applications such as high-definition video and in-depth 3D graphics with ease

  Price: $859.99, plus shipping;  Limited Time Offer - Call Today!

  System Specification: (Shuttle brochure)

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2.83GHz Quad-Core Processor,
  12MB L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, 32 & 64 bit support
- Intel® P35 Expr
ess & ICH9R Chipset
- 4 GB DDR2 800MHz PC2 6400 Memory (8GB Max., 4 slots)
- 250 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA II hard disk drive
- PNY GeForce 8400GS, 512MB, 64-bit Video Card; (1) DVI Port,
   (1) VGA Port and HDTV / S-Video with fan
- Pioneer 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA (Black),
- Built-In 7:1 High Definition Audio
- 1x PCI Express x16 expansion slot & 1x PCI slot
- 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet network port; (RJ-45)
- Silent X cooling and noise reduction technologies
- (8) USB 2.0 ports; 2 front panel & 6 rear panel (mouse,
   keyboard, etc)
- (1) FireWire® 400 port; rear panel
- (1) Mini FireWire 400 port; front panel
- (1) Fingerprint sensor; front panel
- Microphone port
- Headphone port
- CMOS Reset button
- Optional Parallel port
- Silent X 400W power supply
- Microsoft
® Wireless Keyboard & Mouse set
- Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 325 x 210 x 220
- 1 yr limited warranty
- Your Choice of Operating System (installed)
     - Microsoft Windows
® XP
     - Microsoft Vista Home Premium

- Miscellaneous software:
Adobe Flash Plug-in, Adobe
   Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Classic FTP, AVG Anti-Virus
   (trial edition), AVG Anti-Spyware (trial edition), other
   browsers as client desire, i.e. Firefox, etc., as well as, if
   desired 2, the leading open-source office
   software suite for word processing, spreadsheets,
   presentations, graphics, databases and more.

Recommended upgrades:
 - Norton Antivirus 2011 ($39.99)
 - Lavasoft Ad-Aware Professional Anti-Spyware ($24.99)
 - Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 ($179.99)
    - Word, Excel, PowerPoint0, Outlook
Microsoft Office Professional 2010 ($299.99)
    - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher,

More power, easier configuration, and unparalleled technology for heavy duty graphics, the P2 series has been created for the computer users who demand more from their machines. But even though many added features set it apart from the G Series, the P2 series still retains the key elements of an XPC: Small in size, silent in operation, strength in computing.

P2’s clean fascia is thanks to three well-integrated stealth bay covers. The optical drive, floppy drive and front media ports can all be hidden from view when not in use—providing superior style and visual appeal.

ROOM TO SPARE The internal rack includes room for three 3.5 inch drives, and one 5.25 inch drive. Use the 3.5 inch bay drive to install an additional Hard Disk Drive, making the P2-chassis incredibly expandable and flexible.

Drive mounting brackets make installing brackets a screw-free maneuver. Installing a Hard Disk Drive in the rack requires no brackets; just drop it in place and allow its four-pin and compression clips to take hold.

INTEGRATED CABLE MANAGEMENT All P2 series will pack with integrated cable management to ease installation. IDE cables will be pre-installed, and power leads will be wrapped and clipped to the chassis. The P2 goes one step further and integrates two serial ATA cables for the top Hard Disk Drives.
SilentX Cooling

Integrated Silent X cooling and noise reduction technologies deliver optimized cooling to ensure exceptional stability, comfort and reliability. Optimized cooling features, smart fan programming and best of class airflow means whether at home on the desk or in the living room, the XPC is "Super Quiet, Super Cool."
The Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) included in the XPC has
Smart Fan
To further improve XPC thermal and acoustic performance, Shuttle XPC's include Smart Fan functionality to intelligently monitor and control the cooling fans. Smart Fan incorporates linear control metrics to provide optimal cooling. Under normal conditions, Smart Fan keeps the fan speed low, minimizing acoustic noise. When the load increases, Smart Fan increases the fan speed to provide optimal cooling.
been purpose designed for whisper quiet operation.  The ICE heat-pipe module uses convection cooling  to  transfer heat away from the processor. Copper tubing, coated in nickel and filled with distilled water provides the conduit through which heat passes to a radiator. A quiet, speed controlled 92mm ducted fan covers the radiator, providing both processor cooling and case exhaust. Every XPC uses this patented cooling technology to prevent heat damage and deliver some of the quietest computers available.
400W Power Supply

The P Series features the “Super Quiet, Super Cool” Silent X 400W PSU.
Tested in our acoustic lab from a distance of 50cm to create an environment similar to actual usage (many competitors take measurements at 1M), the PSU operates at just 32dB.

Note: Includes CPU, power cord, wireless mouse and keyboard. Monitor sold separately.  This system is warranted through Stratagem Technical Services and may not be returned to the manufacturer.

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